IRC is proud to make available a two part video course on critical incidents stress. Critical incidents are frightening events in which a person’s physical, emotional, or social wellbeing is threatened, triggering a powerful stress response to keep us safe, but which can have consequences long after the event itself.

This course was created in partnership with the Headington Institute, a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mental wellbeing of aid workers and emergency first responders. The course consists of two videos, each around 25 minutes long.

“Video One- Remaining in Control” covers the following topics:

  • The impact that critical incidents have on your mind and body
  • What to expect for yourself and others during a critical incident
  • Techniques you can use to maintain in control during a critical incident

Content Warning: Please note that video one in this series contains imagery and audio content that some viewers may find confronting, distressing, or triggering. The use of this content is a purposeful aspect of the educational model to create some degree of exposure to the stress which is explored in the content of the training. Especially for those who have recently experienced or are still recovering from a violent event, please consider whether exposure to this type of content is appropriate for your wellbeing at this time. Video two in this series is designed to assist those following a critical incident and does not utilize confronting imagery. Please direct any questions to and we would be happy to assist you in making a decision on use of video one based on your circumstances.   

Please find video one below, and click here to access “Video Two- Healthy Recovery.”