Working in the humanitarian sector carries with it a unique set of stressors that can be difficult to anticipate. Time away from family and friends, high workloads, urgent needs, and frequent contact with human suffering can all take a toll on individual wellbeing. Specific planning for your self-care is a proven way to ensure that you remain resilient in the face of personal and workplace challenges. To facilitate these outcomes, the Konterra Employee Assistance and Resilience Program is there to assist staff to plan for their resilience through the creation of a customized self-care plan.

This service can be used at any time, but can be particularly helpful in the following periods:

  • Before a deployment
  • When starting new role
  • When entering a high work intensity period
  • When feeling fatigue or burnout
  • Before returning home from deployment

In your resilience planning session(s), your Konterra counselor will offer personalized guidance that could include the following:

  • Assessing your current strengths and vulnerabilities to stress
  • Discussing personal concerns or needs
  • Identifying your anticipated stress response
  • Exploring your personal health and wellbeing habits
  • Sharing proven techniques for sustaining emotional wellbeing while delivering humanitarian services
  • Creating a personalized self-care plan that works for you

Setting up your personal resilience planning session is easy. Just contact Konterra through any of the below methods. In this initial communication, indicate that you would like to make a personal resilience plan, share the best date/time for your session, if you have a preferred gender of counselor, and your preferred language. Konterra will be back in touch within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.


Smart Phone App

Use the KonTerra Connect smart phone app, which is available for download at the Apple Store or Google Play

Call 1-888-851-7032

phone intake for USA only


This service is entirely free, confidential, and provided as a benefit through the Duty of Care Program. No one at the IRC will have any access to the contents of your conversation or your self-care plan. It is for your own planning and support. Please email with any questions or feedback about this service.