During security incidents where IRC staff are detained, injured, or killed, local site level leaders (along with regional and HQ colleagues as needed) form a decision making group called a Crisis Management Team (CMT). One key role among the CMT members is that of the Family Liaison Officer (FLO).

The FLO is appointed by the chair of the CMT to be the liaison between the IRC and the family of any staff who have been injured, detained, or killed in the line of duty.  This appointment could take place at the time of the event or, in some locations, take place in advance of any events as part of crisis preparation. The FLO is a critical role, ensuring that regular communication and coordination can take place, information can be shared, and support can be offered. It is also a difficult and emotionally taxing role.

To assist recently appointed Family Liaison Officers, the IRC Duty of Care and S&S programs have partnered with Control Risks Group, a security consultancy who specializes in guiding organizations through security events, to create the following one hour video training and participant’s handbook.

All newly appointed FLO’s are requested to follow the three steps below as part of their onboarding:

  1. Print out the FLO Participant’s Handbook
  2. Watch the video training course below
  3. Notify DutyOfCare@rescue.org to let them know that you have been appointed to the FLO role. This will enable you to receive support and coaching during your period of service.