Working in the humanitarian sector carries with it many unique challenges. Workloads can be large. Urgency is high. Change is frequent, and encounters with human suffering are common. All of these factors together can leave staff feeling depleted in mind and body. Understanding how stress impacts our lives so that we can manage it effectively is essential for our health and wellbeing, and is the key to a long and satisfying career in aid work. For these reasons, IRC has partnered with Headington Institute to offer all IRC employees access to an industry leading online course called Building Personal Resilience for Humanitarians.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Be able to define the word stress and the types of stress commonly encountered in humanitarian work
  • Have a basic understanding of vicarious trauma
  • Understand how stress manifests in our brains, bodies, and behavior
  • Be able to identify your primary coping style
  • Understand the concept of resilience
  • Be equipped to create a resilience plan that is personal to you

This 90 minute, certificate granting course is available in English, Arabic, and French, and can be found on Kaya Connect, IRC’s online learning portal. (First time Kaya users click here to activate your account.)