October 10th is recognized worldwide as World Mental Health Day. As it does every year, this day of advocacy and reflection provides us with an opportunity to consider our own mental health and wellbeing, and honor the challenges to our resilience we face in our daily work and life.

To honor this important day and support our workforce, the IRC is once again partnering with Konterra to make available a series of webinars on a mental health theme. This year’s topic is “Understanding Depression and Anxiety.”  In this hour-long presentation participants will explore the following:

  • What is depression and how is it different from feeling sad?
  • What is anxiety and how is it different from feeling worried?
  • What are the causes, signs, and symptoms of depression and anxiety?
  • How these conditions are treated?
  • How to help yourself or others experiencing depression and/or anxiety?
  • How the IRC can support staff experiencing depression and/or anxiety?